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DZAMA Rums From Madagascar

Dzama (pronounced “zama”) Rhum was started in 1980 by Mr. Lucien Fohine and his wife on the island of Nosy Be off the northern shore of Madagascar. After building a successful whiskey bottling business, they saw an opportunity to make high quality, barrel-aged rums that embodied the unique characteristics of Madagascar. Thanks to rising popularity and steady growth, production was moved in 1984 to the capital city of Antananarivo and today, Dzama’s rums dominate 60% of the spirits market on the island.

The mineral elements and terroir of Madagascar make it difficult if not impossible to duplicate the taste anywhere else. The terroir of the island imparts particularly distinctive aromas and flavors that show themselves consistently throughout the range of Dzama rums. Trace amounts of the essential oils produced by the ylan-ylan tree and other aromatic plants such as vanilla, clove, citrus, and pepper travel to the sugar cane used to produce the rums. The volcanic soil of Nosy Be contributes essential mineral elements that along with oak aging in barrels once used at the Chivas Brothers Distillery plus French Limousin oak work to create a unique harmony of flavors. As a result, no artificial or synthetic ingredients of any kind are necessary in the production of Dzama Rums.

Special yeasts are used in the distillation of each rum to ensure ideal fits between their various components and the blending that occurs later in the production process. This care in the selection and matching of batches is what differentiates the terroir-specific Dzama Rums from all others in the market.