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Why are there so many tequilas that only simply claim to be ultra premium? At Mejor, we believe ”ultra premium” is much more than just a sticker on a bottle. It should mean the best in aroma, taste, finish and most importantly, undeniable quality you can taste sip after sip. Mejor’s fanatical commitment to micro-batch production, investment in post-distillation finishing and using only our family’s single estate 100% blue agave produces the smoothest, best tasting tequila to come out of Mexico. Hands down. Mejor NEVER mass produces and believes the only way to control quality is through micro-batch production. In fact, Mejor batches range only between 3,000 and 14,000 bottles- perfected by our world famous master distiller. Each bottle of Mejor always shows the date it was bottled, the batch it came from and its own individual bottle number. Now this... is ultra premium.