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Somrus Cream Liqueurs

Somrus Cream Liqueurs

SomPriya is an original, premium spirits company bringing age-old, traditional and delectable flavors from the Indian sub-continent to cups of libations across the globe. SomPriya’s heavenly connotation derives from the name’s origin - ”Som” meaning ”God” in Indian languages and ”Priya” meaning ”Dear to” thus the belief and motto of being ”Dear to Gods.” Our humble goal is to create products worthy of gods; something transcendent and celestial! Mission It is our goal to share the plethora of rich flavors from the Indian subcontinent with the rest of the world in the form of splendid aperitifs, cocktails and after-dinner liqueurs, which will fully complement the array of tantalizing tastes that define the glorious history of Indian cuisine. SomPriya’s products consist of only the finest, purest and most robust natural ingredients with centuries old connections to Indian culture, heritage and food. Through tried and true techniques, they are then combined with premium spirits and in some cases, pure dairy cream to create mouthwatering and authentic representations of an entire continent.