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Chopin Vodka

Chopin Vodka – A Classic Composition of Great Taste

Chopin Vodka is the original luxury potato vodka. Chopin Vodka is a single ingredient vodka carefully crafted in the Podlasic region of Poland. Named after Poland’s favorite musical son, Chopin Vodka is revered by vodka connoisseurs the world over. Each sip reveals a round, full character and crisp clean finish with just the slightest hint of green apple in the nose.
Thanks to its four-time distilling process, Chopin Vodka possesses a distinctive character and subtle sweetness that creates a symphony of pleasure to the palate.

Share a truly classic reflection of great taste and sophistication. Send Chopin Vodka to those who understand the finer things in life including great music, fine food, and exceptional spirits.

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