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George Dickel Whisky

When asked about George Dickel Whisky, the Distillery manager once said "…it's as mellow as moonlight." That sums up the unique, smooth taste of this genuine Tennessee whisky. The care taken during George Dickel Whisky's charcoal mellowing, the distilling process and the absolute attention to detail, make George Dickel Whisky a consistently smooth taste with perfect balance. The rich amber color gives way to a delightful hint of vanilla, characteristics that create a truly super premium Whisky.
George Dickel Whisky is a masterful example of whisky-making artistry. It has been recognized with awards and a number of exceptional ratings. George Dickel Whisky makes an extraordinary gift for family and friends. There is little doubt that anyone who receives your gift of George Dickel Whisky will at once comprehend exactly how special they are to you. Call 1-877-SPIRITS (774-7487) and our Gift Concierge Specialists will show you just how easy it is to send good spirits to those you love.