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The Family Coppola are lovers not only of wine, but spirits as well. In fact, when the family gathers, the custom is to have a cocktail, or two, before dinner. They hope to bring even more joy to cocktail enthusiasts everywhere by crafting a collection of spirits as unique and remarkable as the women they honor. All of our spirits are crafted in a style that reflects the individual character of these trailblazers, and are proofed with pristine water from our Napa Valley Estate. Why GREAT WOMEN SPIRITS? �We all know well the great men of history, Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar & Napoleon and so on. I can think of as many women who distinguished themselves at that level in the fields of politics, science, mathematics and philosophy. So my choices & reasons are very personal.� - Francis Ford Coppola �You know why we don�t hear about famous women in history? Because the history books were written by men.� - Eleanor Coppola

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