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Filibuster began in 2013, with the idea of offering discerning Spirits consumers a creative alternative to larger production brands. Whether Rye or Bourbon, the traditional aging process for American Whiskey has long been resting distillate a few years in charred new American oak barrels, and going directly into the bottle. Contrast this approach with Scotland, where cooperage of all types and ages have been embraced for centuries, and the case for exploring alternative wood in American Whiskey becomes clear. Our “Dual Cask” method combines the long-held tradition of new American oak aging with the avant - garde approach of a shorter, secondary aging period in Wine-seasoned French oak. We work with some of the best known wineries in California, including Ramey, Trefethen, Ladera & Cobblestone, and utilize the aromatic and flavor profile of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Cabernet Sauvignon to achieve a very unique finish - what we call the “Dual Cask Difference”. Our Rye is spicy, yet velvety smooth, our Bourbon is rich, with an unexpected aromatic complexity.

For our “Dual Cask” Gin, we seek the smoothness and mouth feel that oak aging imparts, but in a crisp, clean, New World style. To accomplish our goal, we do a secondary barrel infusion of hand-harvested Holy Basil, Lemon Verbena and Rosemary grown locally in Shenandoah County. The interplay of floral aromatics and herbal flavors with the richness of “Dual Cask” aging make our Gin unique in the marketplace.

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