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Glass: Rocks

Served hot or cold. For cold, fill glass with ice.

1 Lemon, squeezed
.5-.75 oz Maple Syrup (to taste)
2.5 oz Montanya Oro Rum

Shake and strain. For cold version, pour over king cube ice.

For hot version, heat in microwave for 1 min or less (depending on power of microwave).

Montanya Oro is also a barrel aged rum, aged for one year in an American White Oak barrel that previously held Colorado Whiskey for 2-5 years. The Oro goes into the barrel when it is wet and fresh from the whiskey, so it is more full-bodied and picks up more flavor from the oak. The Oro also receives a tiny touch of Colorado Rocky Mountain honey at bottling time, but is never filtered to remove color.

The natural color of the barrel remains, along with a slight bit of color from the caramelized honey. Unlike many dark aged rums, the Oro never receives molasses caramel or artificial colorings/flavorings. The flavors in the Oro emerge naturally from the sugar cane and barrel aging process. Flavors prominent in the Oro include red chili, coffee, caramel, vanilla, pineapple, and chocolate. The Oro has received 8 Silver medals and one "Best In Class" designation in competition.

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