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Horse Racing & Bourbon - The Essence Of Kentucky. Now Bottled. Pinhooking is an old Southern term for the shrewd purchase of very young thoroughbreds. The best pinhookers are brilliant speculators, with powerful gut instincts honed by experience and a deep knowledge of lineage. Lovingly handcrafted and aged in Kentucky, Pinhook Straight Bourbon and Rye has in its DNA the richness of the soil, the warmth of goldenrod, the softness of the air and the character and manner of Kentucky horse country. We now run our operations out of the newly restored Castle and Key distillery in Millville, Kentucky. This 86 acre property on the Bourbon Trail was once the home of Old Colonel Taylor. Our brand is based on authentically bring together Kentucky�s two biggest exports: Thoroughbreds and Bourbon. Each bottle harnesses the spirit of the pinhook-a little daring based on profound understanding of quality-by being dedicated to an actual racehorse from Bourbon Lane Stable in Versailles, Kentucky, where successful yearly pinhooks are a way of life. Just as each release is blended and proofed by Sean Josephs and Marianne Barnes for the best expression possible, our horses are chosen on their lineage and potential.

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