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Once upon a time there was a forest named “Moletto”… The Moletto story is an authentic one of man and his labor. Of passion and skill. And enthusiasm. Where over five centuries ago there stood a forest ruled over by the “Serenissima” - The Most Supreme Republic of Venice - today there is an extraordinary winery distinguished by the fine and unique quality of its soil and the farsighted tenacity of those who have dedicated themselves to perpetuating age-old traditions while remaining abreast of state-of-the-art wine-making technologies. It is a story of commitment to renewal and a desire to preserve deep-seated roots: the story of the winery founded in 1960 by Mario Stival on the land that led him to become a wine grower and embark upon a radical change in his life in order to pay homage to the heritage of the land. He founded what was to become the Moletto winery which takes its name from the very forest that had existed on that land since the early 16th century. Land located on the far eastern border of the province of Treviso in Motta di Livenza with its predominantly clayey-calcareous soil that provided the foundation for its century-old grape-growing tradition. Following in the footsteps of tradition Traditions can risk remaining just a memory if entrusted to unskilled hands, but those of Mario Stival, with the support of his wife Anna Maria and, later, his children Mauro, Chiara and Giovanni, worked to preserve the vineyards found on the land while revolutionizing how they were cultivated. The result? They have taken the wines - produced and enjoyed locally for centuries - and given them an international appeal, providing them a special quality and ”character” that is reflected in the popularity and recognition Moletto wines have today. The Moletto winery is a close-knit team, the way only a family can be, guided by enthusiasm and a sense of entrepreneurship, but without ever losing contact with its roots - those that extend deep into the land and require dedication, care, passion and hard work. The ones known as “wine culture”, the gift the land bestows on those capable of cherishing, preserving and respecting it. A gift the Stival family likes to share with friends who are always welcome to its vineyard in Motta di Livenza to visit the cellar and vineyards. And enjoy together all the fragrance, fascination and culture of their history.

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