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VieVité offers a fresh and delicate aroma of cherries and strawberries with notes of spices to create a satisfying sensation on the palate. VieVité excites all wine lovers with its opulent fruit forward aromas of peach, grape, apricot and black currant, while emanating soft hues of pale pink and coral. An absolute treasure of a rose wine!


VieVité is a versatile wine that caters to many various occasions and cuisines. VieVité pairs best with grilled white fishes, salmon, crab cakes with aoli sauce, prawns, lobster, ceviche, sushi and even a spicy seafood stew.

Given VieVité’s fruit forward flavors, it will also balance out and complement dishes like tandoori Thai chicken, Indian curry dishes, and ethnic foods with spicy seasoning. VieVité is also great with Pasta with fresh puttanesca sauce, traditional Bouillabaise, and all Mediterranean cuisines with olive oil, garlic and herbs.

Recommended with: Prawns, Grilled White Fish, Crab Cakes with Aoli Sauce, Salade Niçoise, and Havarti Cheese.

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