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CIROC Vodka Ultra-Smooth Vodka

CIROC Vodka is created using distilled French Mauzac Blanc and Ugni Blanc grapes, which sets it apart from other vodkas. CIROC Vodka is distilled five times and has a slight citrus flavor on the palate with a short burn on the finish. Your recipients can enjoy this refined gift on the rocks or use it to liven-up a tall cocktail. CIROC Vodka can also be included in a custom gift basket.

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Send CIROC Vodka as special Thank You, Birthday, Congratulations, Wedding, Wedding Anniversary, Housewarming or Corporate Gifts. C�ROC Vodka Gifts are magnificently wrapped and delivered on time when using our liquor delivery service. Call our Gift Concierge Specialists at 1-877-SPIRITS (774-7487) to learn how to send the perfect champagne, wine and liquor gifts, alone or in a gift basket, anytime, anywhere through our liquor delivery service.